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    Welcome Autumn with These Refreshing Screen Room Design Ideas

    house with lawnYour home doesn’t just encompass interior rooms like your kitchen and bedroom; it also includes your frontyard and backyard. Are you taking full advantage of your exterior space? Whether your home is situated on three sprawling acres or a small square of space, you can decorate your backyard screen room to enjoy everything it has to offer. Why not use these simple tips to create your very own oasis?

    Make the Most of Privacy Plants
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    Use These Ideas to Give Your Screen Room a Summer Facelift

    62139521 - glass elegant chandelier in creative conservatory or sunroomIf you decorate your screen room the right way, it can become your own private haven during the summer. As the sun beats down and the bugs come out in full force, you can relax and enjoy a gentle breeze in your screen room sanctuary. The following decoration ideas will help you give your screen room the facelift it needs to be your favorite room of the house all summer long.

    Don’t Be Afraid to Play With Color

    You might feel the need to remain conservative with the colors used inside of your home, but the rules on colors don’t apply to your outdoor screen room! Don’t be afraid to select bold colors like pink, orange, yellow, and red to decorate your space. You might be amazed to see how much of a different brights colors can make in the atmosphere of your room.
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    The Top 3 Reasons to Convert Your Deck into a Screen Room

    screen roomIf you look at your deck and see nothing but, well, a deck, it’s time to look at your property through a different set of eyes. Your deck offers the perfect foundation for a beautiful, useful, and comfortable screen room that provides the best of the indoors and outdoors in one place. If you’re questioning whether you should take the leap and upgrade your deck to a screen room, these reasons are certain to sway you.

    Enjoy the Outdoors Without the Bugs
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    The Most Creative Ways to Expand Your Living Space

    31372345 - illuminated home garden path patio lights and plants in evening duskMost families would love more living space in their homes, but aren’t ready to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a full room addition. If your family can understand that sentiment, there is actually a relatively low-cost way to create more living space without changing the entire architecture of your home. All you need to do is install a screen room to give yourself the gift of comfortable, cozy living space.

    What is a Screen Room?
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    Giving Your Screen Room the Enhancements It Deserves

    porchA screen room is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, especially in Florida. When the sun is too strong or the bugs are too prevalent to enjoy the full outdoors, a screen room on the back of your home provides a safe oasis to relax, socialize, or read your favorite book. Since the screens absorb some of the sun’s UV rays and block all eager mosquitos from entering, your screen room is the perfect retreat for any season. Given the usefulness of this room, it makes sense to enhance and improve it to make the most of your space. These ideas will get you started.
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    Why Choose Aluminum?

    41240103 - rolls of aluminum metal fittings (steel armature)When it comes to your home improvement projects, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. This is especially true if you are using aluminum as your building material of choice. Aluminum offers a number of qualities that makes it superior to other options, so it’s by far the best choice for your own outdoor endeavors.

    The Many Aluminum Advantages

    First and foremost, aluminum is sturdy and reliable. It offers an unparalleled strength to weight ratio, which means it can support a significant amount of weight despite remaining a light and flexible material. This is why aluminum has become such a popular choice in skyscrapers and large construction projects. Furthermore, aluminum’s strength means it can support heavy glass panes that improve energy efficiency. Within your own home improvement project like a pool enclosure or screen room, aluminum is sure to withstand the intense Florida climate, stand its ground against strong winds, and remain intact for years to come.
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    Top Tips for a Serene Screen Room

    sunroom tampaYou deserve to have a place in your home where you can escape, relax, and truly enjoy yourself. For some people, that place is the kitchen or the basement, but for many others, especially in southern climates, that place is the outdoor screen room. It is no secret that screen rooms offers a number of benefits including protection from the sun, barriers to the rain, and total freedom from bothersome bugs and insects. With a screen room right outside of your back door, you can enjoy natural light and fresh air during any season of the year, so it only makes sense that you want to furnish and decorate your space to be as beautiful and serene as possible. These tips will help you make that a reality!
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    Design Ideas for a Gorgeous Lanai

    3190586 - oceanfront lanai and viewThe term “lanai” sounds like a foreign term to most Americans, largely because lanais are most popular in Hawaii. These outdoor patios and balconies are usually built out from the back or side of the home in order to extend the living area and provide a comfortable and relaxing place to drink a morning cup of tea or watch the sun go down. In Florida, where mosquitos are active nearly any time of year, most lanais are surrounded by a large screen enclosure that keeps unwanted bugs and debris away. These design ideas will help you in your quest to build, furnish, and decorate the ultimate lanai for your own home.
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    How Aluminum Launched to the Top of the Industry

    aluminumAluminum reigns supreme in today’s construction industry, but it actually wasn’t until the Empire State Building was constructed in 1931 that a major building first contained aluminum components and fabricated parts. Since then, aluminum has launched to the top of the construction industry as one of the most efficient and sustainable construction materials. In just 90 years, it’s been a wild ride!

    The Empire State Building

    During the 1920s, an electrolysis process was developed that made aluminum 80 percent cheaper to produce in high volumes, and this technological advancement made aluminum a player in the civil engineering world for the very first time. It soon became popular for smaller projects like domes and roofing, but it wasn’t until 1931 that the construction the Empire State Building really put it on the map. All of the Empire State Building’s basic structures and much of its interior contained aluminum. In fact, the fresco on the lobby ceiling and walls are composed of aluminum and 23 karat gold!
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    A Screen Room Design for Every Home

    32559811 - luxury houses with exit to private beach. rock wall with dockJust like there are a surprising number of shades of white, there are a multitude of screen room designs that you can choose for your home. Based upon the size of your yard, the style of your home itself, and your eye for creative design, you can construct a screen room that is beautiful, functional, and classy.

    Got a Dock?

    If you live in Florida, you might be lucky enough to own land on a lake or ocean coast that includes a dock. Instead of just using that dock to anchor your kayaks and store your fishing gear, you should make the most of it with a miniature screen room! Use aluminum and screens to build a screen room that stays in sync with the existing design of your home and garage, with a slightly slanted roof to get rid of rainwater and deflect the sun. To make the most of this docked screen room, include a sturdy cabinet to store dishes, towels, and toys, so you never need to make a trip up to the main house for any basic necessities.
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