10 Advantages of a Pool Enclosure in Florida

Pools are just as common as bathrooms here in sunny Florida! So, it is important to protect your precious asset with a custom pool enclosure from Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc. Just a few reasons why pool enclosures are exactly what you need for your outdoor pool are:

1. Your pool will stay cleaner

A quality pool enclosure will keep trash and debris out of your pool. So, no more sucking out tree leaves with your pool vacuum!

2, Your pool will stay warmer

Since the pool area is enclosed, heat is retained, which keeps the pool warmer. This means you can enjoy a quick dip even on nights with a little chill in the air.

3. Less direct sunlight

An enclosure filters out some direct sunlight, including UV rays, which makes your pool a much safer and skin-friendly place to be.

4. Keeps unwanted guests out

Every pool owner worries about a child or pet inadvertently wandering on their property and falling into the pool. Rest easy knowing your customized pool enclosure is locked and secure, so no accidents can happen.

5. Adds outdoor storage

We could all use more storage, right? Well, adding a pool enclosure adds storage to your outdoor space, possibly freeing up valuable space inside!

6. Great for entertaining

Your friends and family members will love coming over to hang out by the poolside, especially since they won’t have to battle any bugs. Your pool enclosure will offer plenty of space for seating and entertaining.

7. Boosts property value

If you do decide to sell your property, a quality-built pool enclosure will be a great selling point. Many buyers actively seek homes with covered pools, and are willing to pay a premium for one.

8. Hurricane protection

We’re no strangers to hurricanes here in the Sunshine state, so a pool enclosure built to stand up to the wind and rain is essential. At Southern Aluminum Installations, we build our enclosures with high-quality aluminum to ensure it can withstand all of Florida’s crazy weather.

9. Less expensive utilities

Since your pool will stay warmer inside of an enclosure, you won’t be paying a steep electric or gas bill to keep the pool heated during the fall and winter! You’ll also lose less pool water to evaporation with a pool enclosure, meaning you’ll spend less time and money refilling.

10. Less algae growth

Algae is a huge problem here in Florida. In fact, Florida’s government even requires some building materials be algae-resistant. In pools with lots of direct sunlight, algae growth is an issue. However, since our pool enclosures filter out so much direct sunlight, you’ll face less algae growth.

If you’re convinced that a custom-built pool enclosure is what you and your family needs, call the aluminum pool enclosure experts at (813) 957-9206 or contact us online to discuss your enclosure project. Start relaxing more by your pool with a pool enclosure from Southern Aluminum Installations today!


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