7 Screened Porch Benefits

A screened porch is a lovely addition to any home, from apartments and condos to single and multi-family developments. The benefits of a screened porch are many and far outweigh the cost of installation. Screen in a porch or patio on your property and you’ll be enjoying these top 7 benefits:

1. Outdoor Life, Minus the Bugs

Being outdoors is just the Florida way of life, but let’s be honest…no one likes the bugs. Okay, maybe entomologists and toddlers like them, but other than that there’s no one. A screened porch allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year long without having to load up on the bug spray. Since some insects can carry some really nasty diseases, keeping them out of where your loved ones spend time is crucial.

2. Comfort

No more folding metal chairs and plastic tables! With all the outdoor furniture options available today, you can turn your screened porch into a luxurious and extra comfortable hangout. Just a quick trip to your local home and garden store will give you plenty of ideas.

3. Extra Communal Area

With a growing family or parents moving in after retirement, almost every home could use extra communal space. People don’t want to spend all their time in their bedrooms, but when there’s only one living room and different generations living under one roof, that’s usually what happens. A screened porch is the perfect solution to give the kids or grandparents a living space all their own.

4. Entertainment

Florida’s sultry summer nights are perfect for outdoor entertaining, and a screened porch gives you the ideal venue. Keep guests (and their dirty shoes) outside, enjoying the breeze all night long.

5. Privacy

Sometimes you just want to get away for a little meditation, yoga, or just an afternoon nap. A screened porch gives you the perfect spot to escape the stress of the day and take a moment to practice some self-care.

6. Curb Appeal

Want to enhance your home’s exterior but don’t have time to make big expensive modifications? Adding a screen to your porch or patio is an excellent way to give your home some extra flair that buyers will surely notice.

7. Home Value

Exterior home modifications (think brick work or siding) are usually difficult and expensive…but not with a screened porch! By simply adding a (professionally installed) screen to your existing porch or patio, you’re guaranteeing a boost to your home’s value with minimal investment.

Bonus Benefit: Low Maintenance

Screened porches are easy to install and easy to maintain. Small areas can be repaired with a simple patch, while with large tears, replacing the screen is usually quick and easy. And keeping the screen clean is a snap…just spray it off with the water hose or sweep off with a broom as needed.

Screened Porches Installed in Tampa Bay

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