Advantages of a Pool Enclosure in Florida

Pool Enclosure in FloridaAn outdoor pool is essential during Florida’s hot, humid summers. After you’ve put in the work to build your inground pool, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep it clean and looking great all year! A custom aluminum pool enclosure from Southern Aluminum is the perfect addition to your outdoor setup because:

  • Aluminum pool enclosures increase your property value.

If you ever decide to sell your home, a well-built and properly maintained aluminum pool enclosure will stand out to buyers. The boost in curb appeal may even be the deciding factor in a buyer choosing your home over another, even for a higher price! Aluminum pool enclosures are designed to flow seamlessly with the existing aesthetic of the home, making your property appear more cohesive and intentional.

  •  Aluminum pool enclosures withstand the elements.

It’s no secret that we have some brutal weather here in Florida. From hurricanes to heat waves, any outdoor structure in Florida needs to be built to last. If you go with Southern Aluminum, you will never have to worry about your custom aluminum pool enclosure succumbing to the hot, humid conditions. Our enclosures are made with materials that resist rust, mold, mildew, and even algae! With proper care, your custom enclosure will give you a place to relax for decades!

  • You won’t have to clean your pool as much.

Regular cleaning is a responsibility of having an outdoor pool, but one that isn’t covered is sure to require the daily removal of bugs and debris. With a custom aluminum pool enclosure, you’ll all but eliminate leaves, sticks, insects, and larger critters from entering your pool. 

  • Your pool will be safer.

A fear every pool owner shares is that of a child or pet drowning and home insurance companies are not the biggest fans of pools without restricted access. A custom aluminum pool enclosure by Southern Aluminum will allow you to securely lock all pool entrances, giving you and your neighbors peace of mind.

With all the benefits of a custom aluminum pool enclosure, the real question is why don’t you have one already? You’ll enjoy your time by the pool much more knowing that it’s covered with an attractive, durable, and secure enclosure by Southern Aluminum. If you need a pool enclosure in Tampa Bay, call (813) 602-7556 today!

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