The Most Creative Ways to Expand Your Living Space

31372345 - illuminated home garden path patio lights and plants in evening duskMost families would love more living space in their homes, but aren’t ready to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a full room addition. If your family can understand that sentiment, there is actually a relatively low-cost way to create more living space without changing the entire architecture of your home. All you need to do is install a screen room to give yourself the gift of comfortable, cozy living space.

What is a Screen Room?

A screen room is a porch setting that is covered with an aluminum screen structure. Rather than simply sitting on a slab of wood or cement, a screen room transforms your porch into its own mini-home by providing a roof, protective screen walls, and perhaps a ceiling fan. Homeowners love screen rooms because they shield against the sun, keep pesky bugs out, and provide a comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors at any time of day. Best of all, a screen room can be strategically decorated to expand living space and help any family spread out.

Maximize Light with a Skylight

Just like any other room in your house, a screen room with plenty of light will feel like a cheerful place to relax. Installing a skylight into the ceiling is an attractive way to maximize daylight. You can even equip your skylight with a roller shade to block unwanted summer sun during peak hours. You can also use recessed lights by the doorway and candles on a nearby table to create a welcoming or romantic atmosphere to your screen room.

Swap Between Screens and Glass

Though it doesn’t often get chilly in Florida, you may find that you want to swap your screens for something more weather-proof. Though glass is more expensive, it will help to insulate your outdoor room, eliminate leaks, cut out the wind, and still capture heat from the sun. Acrylic panels, on the other hand, can still cut wind and absorb the sun’s heat, but they won’t insulate your room as well. As a result, they are only half the price of glass. Whichever you choose, a screen alternative can make your outdoor room even more useful during all seasons.

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