Enjoy Working From Home with a Sunroom

If you’ve spent the pandemic working from home, you’re probably not in any rush to return to office life! Small cubicles, water cooler chat, and in-person meetings are so 2019. Instead, embrace the “new normal” of work in comfort and style with a custom-built sunroom from Southern Aluminum Installations in Tampa Bay.

One of the biggest perks of remote work is that you can literally do it from anywhere with an internet connection. For some people that means living as a digital nomad, bouncing around exotic locations while typing up the latest meeting’s minutes, or composing a memo to potential investors. For most of us though, remote work just means kicking back at home, dressed in PJs from the waist down and business casual from the waist up.

But, working inside all day is a bummer at home just like it is at the office. So, what if you could work from home and enjoy the beautiful Florida sun at the same time?

Luckily, you can!

With a custom-built sunroom from Southern Aluminum Installations, you get the best of both worlds! Our sunrooms are climate-controlled so you’re always comfortable no matter what the outside temperature. We build our sunrooms with high-quality glass or plastic panels, letting in the maximum amount of sunlight while also providing excellent insulation against extreme temps.

Just add a desk and internet connectivity to your sunroom and you’re ready to send emails and bask in the sun’s rays at the same time! No need for a quirky Zoom background… show off your new, immaculately decorated sunroom instead. There’s no doubt that you’ll have all your co-workers wishing they had done the same!

Ready to move your home office out of the guest room and into the light? Call Southern Aluminum Installations at (813) 940-8958 or contact us online for a free quote, and make 2022 the year that your dream of spending workdays laid back in your very own sunroom becomes a reality!

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