How Can I Keep My Sunroom Cool During The Summer

It can be tough to keep a sunroom cool during the summer, especially here in central Florida. Between the ever-present sun and the smothering humidity, keeping a sunroom cool and comfortable is a challenge. To help you keep your sunroom pleasant all summer long, check out our top tips:

1. Cover the Windows

This will help keep the sun’s rays out and avoid ambient heating. There is no end to the style and color options available for interior window coverings, so you’ll always be able to match your decor. If you’re the creative type, making your own window coverings is a great way to add a personalized touch to your sunroom.

2. Install Fans

We love large-blade ceiling fans, but even standard pedestal or corner-mount fans will work. Place them strategically around the room so that all seating areas are feeling the breeze.

3. Install an AC

The great thing about sunrooms is that they are fully insulated, meaning you can install air conditioning with no worries of losing most of the cool to the outdoors. Depending on your setup, you may even be able to extend your central AC coverage to the sunroom.

4. Tint the Sunroom Windows

Tint is a stylish way to cool down your sunroom. Even a lighter shade of tint will noticeably reduce the temperature in the room. We recommend avoiding dark tints since they will keep out too much sunlight and contradict the purpose of a sunroom in the first place.

5. Close the Doors

Most sunrooms have a door that goes inside the home and another that exits to the outdoors. Keeping both of these doors closed is essential for preventing the loss of any cool air in the sunroom.

6. Install Awnings or Shades Outside

In addition to covering the windows and doors from the inside, installing exterior awnings and shades are another great way to lessen the number of rays reaching your sunroom. Best of all, an awning or shade can also provide some outdoor shaded space.

7. Plant Some Shade

Trees and shrubs make a great cover for large sunroom windows, plus they’ll make your yard more lush and appealing, and if you use native species, it’s great for the environment. Win-win-win!

8. Use Light Colors

Using lighter colors to reflect heat isn’t just for your outfit on summer days. Painting the exterior of your sunroom a light color will help reflect heat away. We recommend avoiding bright whites as they can cause dangerous glares in intense sunlight. Opt for off-whites or neutrals instead.

9. Be Energy Efficient

There are many energy-efficient windows and door options available today that will help keep cool air in and hot air out during the summer without putting a strain on your electric bill.

10. Insulate Thoroughly

Good insulation is a must to keep your sunroom cool during the summer. Ask your contractor about adding insulation during construction for the easiest option. If your sunroom was built without adequate insulation, there are many DIY options out there for weekend warriors or contact a reputable building contractor for assistance.

Quality Sunrooms Built in Tampa Bay

Following these tips can help you keep your sunroom cool during the summer months. If you have any further questions, please contact Tampa Bay’s premier sunroom builder, Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc., at 813-264-7477 to schedule your free sunroom estimate today.


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