How to Stay Warm in Your Sunroom During the Cooler Months

Winter is upon us, and people everywhere are getting ready for the cooler weather. Now granted, here in central Florida we don’t really get “cold” weather, but it does get a bit chilly from time to time. When the temperature falls outside, you’ll be extra happy that you added that new, gorgeous sunroom to your home. But how can you keep the sunroom temperature just right? Read on for our top tips on maintaining an enjoyable sunroom atmosphere during the winter months.

Check the Insulation

Keeping the cool air out and the warm air in is essential to keeping your sunroom warmer during the winter. Check around all windows, doors, vents, outlets, switches, roofing, and seams for any faults in seals or insulation. If you find any areas that are lacking, remedy them immediately. Adding some fresh caulk to appropriate areas is also a smart move.

Choose Darker Colors

It’s common knowledge that lighter colors reflect light and keep areas cooler, while darker colors absorb light to warm things up. Change up your decorations as the season changes to a darker palette to hold in some of the sun’s warmth during the day.

Add Heavier Fabrics

Changing out your summer shades and linens for heavier fabrics adds a feeling of warmth to any area. Heavier drapes can also help insulate and keep warm air inside.

Turn on the Heat

Want to know the best thing about opting for a sunroom over a screened porch or patio? Because a sunroom is completely sealed from the outside, your home’s existing HVAC system can be installed to cover it. You’ll never have to consider the temperature outside…just set the thermostat to whatever you like, and the sunroom will be ready for you!

Custom-Built Sunrooms in Tampa Bay

A sunroom is a perfect addition to your home if you want an area you can use all year long. At Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc., we build custom designed sunrooms for all types and styles of homes. Give us a call at 813-264-7477 to discuss what you want in your dream sunroom today!

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