Potential Uses for Your Screen Room

Have you been considering a screen room but aren’t sure how you would utilize it? There are a lot of different things you can do with a screen room, and it is very easy to change its purpose as your family changes. Here are just a few ideas of what you can do with your screen room.

Kids Play Area

Kids thrive when they spend a lot of time outdoors, but for some children being out in the open is not a great idea. If your child is sun sensitive, has outdoor or insect allergies, or tends to roam outside set boundaries, a screen room as a play area could be a great solution. It allows them to feel as though they are outdoors, but keeps them safe and contained.

Tea Room

You don’t have to drink tea to love a tea room! Make your screen room into a cozy hideaway with comfortable wicker furniture, potted plants, tables, and decorative pillows and rugs. You and your girlfriends will love spending time in this space. It can easily take the place of a she-shed.

Dining Area

Spring and summer breezes and the fresh smells of spring are great additions to any dining experience. When you have an outdoor dining area, you have to worry about insects invading your space. You also have to worry about the possibility of your picnic being rained out. With a screen room as your dining area, you can enjoy what you love about eating outdoors while eliminating the issues most people run into. You can also dine in your screen room regardless of the weather.

If you are interested in adding a screen room to your home, contact us today for more information or to get started.

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