The Year Round Benefits of Screened Rooms

Screened rooms are everywhere you look here in central Florida. In fact, it is almost unusual to see a home without one! Screened rooms are great places to spend time with family, entertain guests, or just enjoy some private time.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and people spending so much more time at home, screened rooms have even become the location of remote offices and classrooms!

With a screened room installed by Southern Aluminum Installations Inc., you too can experience the following benefits all year long here in the Sunshine State:

  • Protection from the weather

The most common reason that people want a screened room is for protection from the elements. The weather here in Florida can be unpredictable, turning a sunny afternoon into a downpour almost immediately. Not to mention the searing sun during the summer months, which can be both uncomfortable and dangerous! With a custom-built screened room from Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc., you’ll be safe from heat exhaustion, sunburn, and rain showers.

  • Boost your home’s value and appearance

All homeowners want to make improvements that will boost their home’s value, and adding a screened room is a great way to do just that. Potential home buyers love outdoor living spaces, and functional spaces that offer options for entertaining are on-trend. A well-built screened room adds a luxe feel to your property, while also increasing its value.

  • More living space

Sometimes it feels like you just can’t get any privacy with a large family, so a private screened room could be the refuge you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re getting a few minutes for yourself or hosting a couples game night, more living space is never a bad thing!

  • An extension of your garden

Have a green thumb and want to show it off? A screened room gives you the perfect place to house plants and flowers too sensitive to make it outside unprotected. Many of our customers like to use their screened room for a small herb garden, giving them away to add fresh, healthy herbs to their cooking and impress visiting friends and family.

Screened Room Installation in Tampa

If you want to install a new, beautiful screened room on your home, Southern Aluminum Installations Inc. in Tampa has the team, tools, and experience needed to build exactly what you’re looking for! Call us at (813) 850-0540 to schedule a free estimate on your screened room project today!

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