The Top 3 Reasons to Convert Your Deck into a Screen Room

screen roomIf you look at your deck and see nothing but, well, a deck, it’s time to look at your property through a different set of eyes. Your deck offers the perfect foundation for a beautiful, useful, and comfortable screen room that provides the best of the indoors and outdoors in one place. If you’re questioning whether you should take the leap and upgrade your deck to a screen room, these reasons are certain to sway you.

Enjoy the Outdoors Without the Bugs

A screen room is an aluminum structure with screens on all sides, so fresh air is still plentiful, but bugs can’t work their way in and ruin your relaxing atmosphere. Imagine being able to lounge outside in the great Florida climate without applying bug spray or swatting away mosquitos. It’s a dream come true for most homeowners. Just be sure to include a screen underneath the floor as well if you are using wooden panels, since otherwise bugs will easily crawl through the boards.

Create the Ambiance You Want

There’s something about an outdoor screen room that encourages homeowners to decorate without the constraints they impose upon themselves indoors. You can take risks and be bold with your screen room. Some people want to use tables, chairs, hutches, and other pieces of indoor furniture to help their screen room feel like a breezy version of their family room, while others are happy with a porch swing and hammocks. You can even hang light curtains, add outlets for lamps, and hang pictures and decorations. At the end of the day, your screen room can be whatever you want it to be!

Shield Yourself From the Sun

How many times have you found yourself wishing you could go outside, but deciding it’s far too hot to sit in that Florida sun? A screen room can change all of that by providing an area that offers the benefit of fresh air while still shielding you from UV rays and offering comfortable shade. If you install a ceiling fan in your screen room, you can be sure to enjoy a gentle breeze all day long.

As you make plans to transform your deck into something more valuable, be sure to utilize the professional services at Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc. As the best place in central Florida for all of your screen room needs, Southern Aluminum Installations will design and build the ultimate extra living space for your home. Just call (813) 264-7477 to learn more.

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