Upgrade Your Roofed Patio to an Enjoyable Sunroom or Screen Room

Florida is known for its sunny skies, sandy beaches, and year-round pleasant weather. However, Florida is also known for its oppressive humidity, frequent rain showers, and an army of insects. By having just a roofed patio attached to your home, you may not be able to appreciate the outdoor life as much as you would hope.

Take Control of Your Outdoor Living Space

Living spaces should be lived in, so when your outdoor living space doesn’t offer you any protection from the elements, you can’t use it to its fullest potential. By upgrading your roofed patio to one of our custom-built aluminum screen rooms or sunrooms, you can regain the functionality of your outdoor space and provide you and your family a new area to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Screen Room vs. Sunroom

The biggest question when making the upgrade from a roofed patio to a screen room or sunroom is what exactly do you want to do with the space once it’s finished? 

If you’d appreciate an outdoor living space where you can feel the breeze and hear the crickets chirp, then a screen room is exactly what you need. Screen rooms are easy to convert from roofed patios as they’re not considered finished spaces, and they don’t count as square footage in the eyes of your insurance company. You may still need a permit in your area to build one, but we can help you with any required paperwork.

If you desire a bright, sunny spot where you can enjoy the views no matter the weather, a sunroom will most likely be the best choice for you. Sunrooms are more like additions to your home than outdoor spaces, but they typically consist of large floor-to-ceiling windows that allow in lots of natural light. Sunrooms are usually heated and cooled like the rest of your home and do technically count as liveable square footage, as far as your insurance company is concerned. Therefore, adding a sunroom to your home will always require a permit.

Upgrade Your Roofed Patio Today!

Call Southern Aluminum Installations Inc. today to discuss converting your existing roofed patio into a beautiful, functional screen room or sunroom. We’ve helped countless Tampa Bay homeowners to reclaim their outdoor living spaces and have converted them into their favorite spot in the whole house, and we can help you too! Call us today at (813) 957-9206 or contact us online to schedule your FREE, no-obligation estimate.

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