Use These Ideas to Give Your Screen Room a Summer Facelift

62139521 - glass elegant chandelier in creative conservatory or sunroomIf you decorate your screen room the right way, it can become your own private haven during the summer. As the sun beats down and the bugs come out in full force, you can relax and enjoy a gentle breeze in your screen room sanctuary. The following decoration ideas will help you give your screen room the facelift it needs to be your favorite room of the house all summer long.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play With Color

You might feel the need to remain conservative with the colors used inside of your home, but the rules on colors don’t apply to your outdoor screen room! Don’t be afraid to select bold colors like pink, orange, yellow, and red to decorate your space. You might be amazed to see how much of a different brights colors can make in the atmosphere of your room.

Add Extra Comforts

What components of decor would help your screen room feel cozier? Throw pillows and carpets are both common indoor pieces that can lend your screen room a sense of comfort that you’ll enjoy throughout the season. You could even add a drink cart bar that contains all the necessary items to whip up a drink after a long day.

Add In Skylights

If you have a bigger budget, you could consider hiring a company to add skylights to the roof of your screen room. These windows would provide more sunshine on gray days and help the room feel bright and airy. If you’re concerned about too much heat or strong sun during the summer, you can install shades over the skylight so that you are in control of the level of light.

Whatever idea you select to improve the look and feel of your screen room, you can always benefit from the help offered by Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc. in Tampa, Florida. Call (813) 264-7477 to learn more and get started on a worthwhile summer project.


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