Welcome Autumn with These Refreshing Screen Room Design Ideas

house with lawnYour home doesn’t just encompass interior rooms like your kitchen and bedroom; it also includes your frontyard and backyard. Are you taking full advantage of your exterior space? Whether your home is situated on three sprawling acres or a small square of space, you can decorate your backyard screen room to enjoy everything it has to offer. Why not use these simple tips to create your very own oasis?

Make the Most of Privacy Plants

Most homeowners have neighbors nearby, and even if you enjoy their company, you still deserve to have privacy as you relax in your backyard. Plants can easily, affordably, and attractively create that privacy without requiring you to change the structure of your screen room. The options are virtually endless! Brush Cherry is one of the best plants to create privacy, because it grows tall and narrow, so you can use it to maintain your own space without encroaching upon your neighbor’s. Potted plants are also great options if you want to quickly construct a sense of solitude. Japanese Holly, Fan Palm, Cherry Laurel, and Boxwood are just a few of the choices available to you.

Utilize Indoor Touches

Adding indoor decor touches to an outdoor space can create an uplifting, unique, and comfortable atmosphere outside. Sheer curtains, for example, will look beautiful and provide privacy at the same time. Add lounge furniture, a table and chairs, an area carpet, and other personalized touches to help your outdoor room bring you peace and enjoyment.

Use Existing Space

If you already have a second story deck outside, you can easily build a screen room under that deck for the ultimate double-decker experience. The area underneath the deck will automatically be shaded by the deck’s surface, so you can hang a hammock, display lighting, and use plants to add color. Install an aluminum frame and screens to keep insects and debris out of your growing oasis.

Southern Aluminum Installations in Tampa, Florida specializes in the construction and design of attractive and functional screen rooms. You can utilize their two decades of experience to build and install a screen room that will transform your backyard and help you take full advantage of your outdoor environment. Call (813) 264-7477 to get started!

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