What is the Florida Law about Pool Enclosures?

Have you built a pool recently, or are you thinking about putting one in your backyard? Before you do, you need to familiarize yourself with Florida’s regulations about residential pool safety. Due to a high number of child drowning deaths in Florida, the state enacted the Florida Residential Pool Safety Act. This act created many rules for homeowners and their pools. 

One of these rules is about pool enclosures. Every pool must be completely enclosed so that an elderly person or child cannot access the pool and become injured. This pool enclosure has to follow all four of these criteria:

  1. It has to be at least four feet high on the outside. (But this still allows for elderly and teens to climb over the enclosure.)
  2. There can be no gaps or openings that are large enough for a small child to go through to gain access to the pool area. (Our screen enclosures have no openings.)
  3. The enclosure has to be separate from your yard fence in most cases, but your fence may be used to form part of the barrier in some cases. (The screen room is completely separate from other enclosures.)
  4. The enclosure has to be far enough away from the pool’s edge that a small child or someone climbing the enclosure cannot immediate fall into the water.

Our screened pool enclosures offer these and many other benefits and features. You’ll be able to clean your pool less frequently, protect yourself and your family from pests and mosquitos while enjoying your pool, and possibly add value to your home and decrease your insurance premiums.

If you would like more information about our screened pool enclosures, please call us today.

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