Keeping Your Sunroom at a Comfortable Temperature Year-Round

Here in sunny Florida, we enjoy pleasant weather for the majority of the year. With average temperatures from the 60s to the mid-80’s all year, Florida is definitely a destination for warm-weather lovers. However, during the summer months, temps can soar up into the high 90s during the day. This can be problematic for a glass-enclosed sunroom, where all that heat can make you feel like you’re in an oven.

So how do you keep your sunroom cool and comfortable when it’s hot outside?

Use Lighter Colors

We’ve all heard that white reflects light while black absorbs it, and you’ll see this principle of physics at work if you use dark colors for your sunroom decor. Darker colors trap heat inside your sunroom, increasing the ambient temperature and making it quite uncomfortable on hotter days. Instead, opt for lighter shades of white and pastels when decorating your sunroom. This includes any fabrics or furniture, but also includes things like paint, shades, and even exterior colors.

Pull Down the Shades

While a sunroom has large glass windows to let the sunlight pour in, when you live in a warmer climate, adding shades is an easy and economical way to decrease the ambient temperature. Shades come in a wide variety of colors (remember, use lighter colors!) and material options, so you can find something to fit any budget and style. Many sunroom shades are designed to let some sunlight pass through while blocking out some of the heat. Simply leave the shades up on pleasant or cooler days and pull them down when the thermometer rises to keep your sunroom comfortable.

Install an Awning

Another easy way to add shade to your sunroom on those brutal summer days is to install a retractable awning on the sunroom exterior. When extended, the awning will shade a portion of the sunroom interior, bringing down the temp. An awning can also provide a covered outdoor space as well, so it’s a smart move times two!

Add a Cool Breeze

A few fans strategically placed around your sunroom could add just enough breeze to keep it cool and comfy. We suggest using remote-controlled ceiling and wall-mounted fans to push the air around without taking up valuable floor space. Fans come in a variety of styles to match any taste and can be easily found at your local hardware or big box store.

Pump in the Cold Air

If your sunroom has no exterior shade at all, shades and fans might not make enough difference for you to be able to use the sunroom on the hottest days. In these cases, consider installing an air conditioning unit to control the interior temperature. You can retrofit the sunroom into your existing HVAC system or bring in a portable AC. Either way, a properly-sized AC unit is a guaranteed way to keep your sunroom cool all year long.

Add a Gorgeous Sunroom to Your Tampa Home

Are you ready to optimize your Tampa Bay sunroom for the upcoming summer? This winter is the perfect time to make additions or renovations so you can enter 2023 with the most gorgeous and comfortable sunroom in your neighborhood. Get started with a call to Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc. at (813) 957-9239 to schedule your free estimate today!

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