Why You Should Have a Pool Enclosure

If you have a backyard pool, you should have a pool enclosure that locks. You don’t want random critters or stray pets to be able to find their way into your pool area. You also don’t want children or other individuals swimming in your pool without your permission. A pool enclosure ensures that your pool is for you and your friends and family only. Here are some other reasons you should have a pool enclosure.

Decreased Liability

When you have a backyard pool, it is your responsibility to make sure that it is not accessible by small children who may become injured without supervision. Drowning is one of the most common causes of death among small children under the age of five. If a small child gets into your pool and is injured or dies, you could be held legally responsible for the accident. However, if you have a locked pool enclosure, you are no longer responsible because you took reasonable precautions to ensure that the pool was closed off.

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Potential Uses for Your Screen Room

Have you been considering a screen room but aren’t sure how you would utilize it? There are a lot of different things you can do with a screen room, and it is very easy to change its purpose as your family changes. Here are just a few ideas of what you can do with your screen room.

Kids Play Area

Kids thrive when they spend a lot of time outdoors, but for some children being out in the open is not a great idea. If your child is sun sensitive, has outdoor or insect allergies, or tends to roam outside set boundaries, a screen room as a play area could be a great solution. It allows them to feel as though they are outdoors, but keeps them safe and contained.

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How a Screen Room Can Transform Your Life

Under normal circumstances, you would think that a screen room couldn’t possibly have a huge impact on your life, but these are very different times. With everyone under orders to stay home as much as possible, people are not getting out and socializing. To make matters worse, we are just coming out of winter, and spring fever is in the air. 

Many people are struggling with depression during this time. Many people are staying inside their homes and not going outdoors at all. This can be troublesome. Getting outside even for an hour a day will improve your mental health. And when you are cut off from your friends and family, you need to safeguard your mental health as much as possible.

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Why You Should Think About a Pool Enclosure Now

Do you have a pool, or are you having one installed for this summer? If so, you should have a pool enclosure. First and foremost, if you have a pool enclosure, it will be safer for your family and the neighborhood. Secondly, if you have a pool enclosure, you can keep debris out of your pool more easily.

If you don’t already have a pool enclosure or plan on having one installed with your pool, there are several reasons you should start thinking about it now. Spring is just around the corner, and it will be that time of year that pools are being cleaned and prepared for the new season. Having a pool enclosure sooner rather than later can help make your pool cleaner’s job easier. It will also keep neighborhood kids out of your pool while it is being prepared and treated.

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Why You Should Have a Screened Lanai

Florida tropical weather can be a delight. And when you live in a warmer climate, you don’t really want to stay cooped up indoors. Yet being in full direct sunlight, coping with insects, and enjoying the outdoors during rain storms in the midst of the outdoors is not ideal. Many Floridians make use of screened lanais to enjoy the outdoors under their own terms. Here are some reasons why you should do the same.

Storm Viewing

You can easily enjoy rain storms and other weather phenomena in your screened lanai. You will be able to stay warm and dry while you are in the midst of the storm. Observing rainstorms can be very calming, relaxing, and a great stress reliever. It can also help reduce anxiety and depression and help stabilize your mood. 

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Three Reasons You Need a Pool Enclosure

Having a pool in your backyard is a great way to spend the summer months, but having a pool is also a responsibility. You have a responsibility to your family, guests, and neighborhood to keep your pool safe. Here are three reasons you need a screened pool enclosure.

Keep Out Bugs

Many bugs are drawn to water, including mosquitos that can carry harmful diseases. Mosquitoes carry diseases such as lyme disease and other viruses. A screen pool enclosure will allow you to feel the summer breeze and enjoy the sun without being exposed to these and other potentially harmful or annoying insects. 

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The Importance of Prompt Screen Repair

Having a screen room can be very enjoyable. It is great to have a place to enjoy the outdoors while still being protected from insects and the elements. It is important that you keep your screen room in good repair for a number of reasons. Whenever there is damage to your screens, you need to take prompt action to avoid extensive costs.

Water Damage

When you have a hole or tear in your screen, it can cause water to come into the screen room during rains and other precipitation. If you want to protect your rugs, furniture and decorations, you’ll want to take prompt action when any damage to your screens occurs. If you let it slide and get severe weather, you could be paying quite a bit of money to replace damaged possessions.

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Proper Maintenance of Your Screen Room

Whether it is an extension of your home or enclosing a pool, your screen room is an investment that you want to protect. You want to make sure that your screen room lasts as long as possible. In order to extend the life of your screen room, it is important to provide it with some routine maintenance. Following these tips will keep you and your family safe, as well as keep your screen room looking its best for years to come.


Cleaning your screen room frame and screens is important for making them last longer. Screens that become dirty and clogged with debris are more likely to rip and tear or give way from the frame. In addition, when debris and pollen are trapped in the screen, it can cause problems for those with allergies.

You should clean your screen room frame and screens at least once per year. If they are not blocked by buildings or trees, the screen room will be cleansed naturally with rain waters. If the room is shaded or blocked from the rain at all, it will need to be cleaned manually. In addition, if your home is power washed using cleaners or bleach, you will need to clean your screen room inside and out to remove the chemicals.

You can clean your screen room by using a regular water hose at low pressure. Simply rinse off the screens and frame with the water. No cleaners are necessary.

Making Repairs

It is important that you repair your screen room when tears appear in the screen or the aluminum frame becomes bent or broken. Bent and broken frames can be a safety hazard for you and your family. Tears in the screen can quickly become big problems if left unattended.

If you have a screen room that needs some maintenance to look its best, contact us today for more information and an appointment.

How to Use Seamless Gutters to Add Value to Your Home

72273432 - house with new seamless aluminum rain gutters.What project would you choose to add value to your home? Many homeowners might consider expanding the deck, building a pool, or updating worn carpeting. However, some of the best home improvement projects are hiding in plain sight. Your gutters, for example!

Gutters are easy to ignore or overlook, but they actually play a very important role in the overall health and structure of your home. It’s likely that your current gutters don’t work very efficiently, so it’s worth the time to research how seamless gutters can improve your home.

Standard Gutters Vs. Seamless Gutters?
Standard gutters use smaller pieces of metal or vinyl stuck together create gutters the right length for your home. This method is inefficient and frequently causes leaks or jams. Seamless gutters are different because they are designed in one cohesive piece. This means no seams or unreliable points of connection. Overall, seamless gutters offer homeowners huge benefits they might otherwise overlook.
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Welcome Autumn with These Refreshing Screen Room Design Ideas

house with lawnYour home doesn’t just encompass interior rooms like your kitchen and bedroom; it also includes your frontyard and backyard. Are you taking full advantage of your exterior space? Whether your home is situated on three sprawling acres or a small square of space, you can decorate your backyard screen room to enjoy everything it has to offer. Why not use these simple tips to create your very own oasis?

Make the Most of Privacy Plants
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