Why Florida Requires Pool Enclosures

In the state of Florida, all homes with a pool must have an enclosure to keep out small wandering children. These laws were first put into place in 2000 with the Swimming Pool Safety Act. Here’s what you need to know about those requirements and how we can help.

What are the requirements for Florida pool enclosures?

There are several rules you must follow when installing a pool and pool enclosure. Here are the basics:

  • The pool enclosure can’t have any gaps large enough for a small child or pet to enter. This usually means a continuous fencing or enclosure.
  • The pool enclosure has to be able to be locked.
  • All pools must have an enclosure or fence at least four feet in height to make it harder to climb.
  • All homes with a pool with entrances directly from the home to the pool must be wired with alarmed doors, so you know if a child gets out without permission.

Our screened pool enclosures meet these requirements.

Our screened in pool enclosures are the best way to go to meet these legal requirements and to further protect your family, pets, and neighborhood from poolside accidents. Our enclosures will:

  • Offer a continuous screen barrier with no openings other than the entrance, and this is a door that can be locked
  • Not only be higher than the required four foot height, but be a continuous system with a screen roof as well, making it impossible for anyone to enter without going through the door
  • Have doors that can be fitted with a number of security options

Building a new pool in Florida

Regardless of where you are located in Florida, a pool enclosure has to be a part of your planning when installing a new pool on your property. Don’t break the law and open yourself up to lawsuits. Contact us today to have your screen room quoted.

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