Benefits of a Pool Enclosure

Any type of pool is great, but with the intense sunlight and never-ending parade of bugs here in central Florida, a pool enclosure makes your pool so much more enjoyable. In this post, we’ll review the benefits of adding a custom pool enclosure from Southern Aluminum Installations over your inground pool:


The first and best reason to install a custom pool enclosure over your pool is safety. Every pool owner has thought about the consequences of a child or animal inadvertently falling into their pool. Keep unwanted visitors out and the neighborhood a little safer with a quality aluminum-framed pool enclosure.

Entertainment Space

A pool enclosure adds an entirely new outdoor living and entertaining space to your home at a fraction of the cost of adding an actual room. Now you can plan poolside dinner parties with ease!

Increased Home Value

A well-built pool enclosure does nothing but add value to your property. The curb appeal, safety, and functionality of a pool enclosure are a no-brainer for anyone looking to boost a potential sale price.

Protection From the Elements

Wind, rain, and algae growth are all big issues here in central Florida. It doesn’t take much to turn your pool paradise into a green, leaf-filled disaster. A pool enclosure keeps all that debris at bay so you won’t spend all your time skimming and cleaning. Plus, limiting direct sunlight also helps inhibit algae growth. This keeps your pool cleaner and safer for your family to use.

Keeps Bugs Out

You haven’t really experienced Florida until you’ve been nearly carried away by monster mosquitoes, right? All jokes aside, the bugs here are pretty serious…and they love your pool. A pool enclosure keeps all the creepy crawlies out.

Temperature Regulation

Our climate here is so nice year-round that we don’t always have to worry about the pool being too chilly, but for those of us that like to swim in the cooler months, you’ll appreciate the heat a pool enclosure can retain.

Fewer UV Rays

Everyone knows UV rays are bad for your health, so filter them out while still enjoying a daily swim with a pool enclosure clad with UV-filtering shades.


A pool enclosure can be more than just an entertaining and recreation space…it can also provide some much-needed storage. With the average home size declining, we need all the space we can get!

Custom Pool Enclosures in Tampa Bay

If a custom-built pool enclosure is exactly what you and your family needs, call the pool enclosure experts at (813) 957-9206 or online to discuss your enclosure project.

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