Rescreening Tampa

If your pool enclosure, lanai, or other screened enclosure in Tampa has suffered damage, you may be questioning whether the structure was even a prudent investment to begin with. There is no need to become discouraged in this way. At Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc., we can restore your screened room to its original condition – in less time and at a lower cost than you think. This is the benefit our rescreening Tampa professionals provide each of our loyal customers.

Screen Panel Repair in Tampa

The leisure time you and your family spend on your porch or veranda should be enjoyable. You should be relaxing, not worrying about the sags and rips in your screens. With one call to Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc., you can schedule an appointment for our technicians to arrive and quickly perform the necessary repairs. They will show up on-time, with the tools and screen materials necessary to get the job done right. We have nearly two decades of experience repairing screen panels in the Tampa area. We handle jobs small and large, and we always provide a free quote before we begin work.

Restore the Functionality of your Screens

Punctures and tears in the walls of your screen enclosure are more than just an eyesore. They compromise the ability of the enclosure to function as a barrier for insects, which is probably one of the primary reasons you installed it in the first place. Worse yet, when screens become compromised, you will be exposed to a greater number of insects than you would out in the open air. Insects enter through the holes in your screen, and they are unable to find their way out. Basically, your screened room acts as an enormous bug trap. To prevent this situation, contact our team. We can mend, repair, or replace the problem areas.

Don’t Live with Loose and Sagging Panels

Tampa can experience wind and rain capable of causing damage to even high quality screen panels. And even if your screens are still in one piece, the fact that they have come loose from the aluminum frame is a big problem. Sagging panels are unsightly and can pose a safety hazard. If you are searching for a solution to such problems, look no further than Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc. We offer budget-friendly rescreening services that will have you enjoying your outdoor living space once again. We can repair or replace damaged structural components as well. We are the best rescreening Tampa company in Florida today.

Rescreen with Upgraded Materials

Given enough time and exposure to the elements, every screened room will require some amount of repair. When that time comes, consider it an opportunity to explore the fantastic new screen materials available today. Homeowners in Tampa are discovering the benefits of solar screens manufactured to block harmful UV rays, as well as screens designed to withstand severe storms or scratches from animals. Rescreening can also be an opportunity to install a new door or add square footage to your enclosure.

The experts at Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc. are available right now to assist with your rescreening needs. Contact us to arrange for an evaluation and estimate.

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