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At Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc., we design and install custom lanais for homeowners throughout the Tampa Bay area. If you have lived in Florida long, chances are you’ve had an opportunity to enjoy one of these exterior living spaces at the home of a friend or family member. The comfortable atmosphere is truly remarkable. Isn’t it time you installed a Tampa screened Lanai of your own?

Lanais Bring the Outdoors In

It seems such a shame to live in a gorgeous tropical climate and spend the majority of the day closed up inside the house. At the same time, enduring the full brunt of the sun, wind and rain can be a bit much. An aluminum screened lanai allows you to enjoy just the right amount of the outdoors. You can eat, socialize, or swim in your pool without the annoyance of flying insects and other undesirable elements. Tampa Bay has so much to offer those who appreciate the outdoors, and a lanai is the best way to experience it from the comfort of home.

Invest in the Value of your Home

As any Tampa real estate agent will explain, homebuyers are immediately drawn to homes with pool or back porch lanais. In fact, lanais are consistently listed first among a home’s selling points. Even if you never intend to sell, installing a screen lanai from Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc. will allow you to enjoy the benefits of an increased home value. You can qualify for an equity loan at today’s record low interest rates, or simply take comfort in knowing your home will appraise for more than it did when you bought it.

Screens for Every Purpose

A screened lanai will be a beautiful extension of your home. As attractive as they may be, however, back porch lanais are not installed simply for their good looks. Homeowners in Tampa install lanais for their functional characteristics, and functionality is determined in large part by the screen material used. We offer screen materials of various transparencies to correspond to your desire for privacy. You can also choose a screen that blocks the sun’s UV rays, or one that lets them in for tanning. And for pet owners, we offer heavy duty screens built to withstand clawing and scraping.

A Place for the Family to Gather in Comfort

Lanais differ from other exterior screened rooms. Typically, they offer a more spacious and formal setting, furnished in the style of a living room. Lanais are a great way to affordably increase the square footage of your home, and they make a perfect gathering place for family members. On any given summer evening in Tampa Bay, families can be found spending time together in the comfort of their lanais. Lanais can even be designed to incorporate barbeque pits, hot tubs, and swimming pools.

Whether you are in the market for a pool screen lanai, back porch lanai, or any other style of lanai for your Tampa Bay home, Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc. can make your dream lanai a reality. Contact us today for more information.


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