Choosing the Best Covered Patio for Florida

If you’re thinking of installing a covered patio on your property, you’ll quickly find that there are more options available for the design and build of the patio than you think. From where to put the patio in your yard to how your decorating choices can affect your ability to enjoy the patio, there’s a lot to think about. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the factors to consider when deciding on a covered patio for your Florida home:

Laws & Regulations

If you own your property, you may think that you have the right to install or build whatever you want there. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, this may not be the case. You need to first check with the town, city, and/or county where you reside to find out about any building laws or restrictions you must follow. Furthermore, if you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, you’ll also need to check with them before you build anything, as it must comply with the HOA bylaws.


Where to put the covered patio in your yard is based on:

  • Where the laws and regulations governing your property say you can place it
  • Your property’s natural features
  • Its intended purpose

For example, some ordinances and HOA bylaws prohibit installing a patio that is physically connected to the primary building on the property (i.e. your patio can’t be connected to your home) or installing a patio in the front yard. Even if laws and regulations allow a covered patio connected to the home, this can’t be done if trees or other natural features are in the way. You’ll have to decide between altering the natural features on the property (which, again, may not be allowed by laws and regulations) or placing the covered patio elsewhere. Finally, the covered patio’s main intended purpose should be considered. If the patio will often be used for entertaining, placing it close to the home will be ideal so that food and drinks can be easily taken back and forth. For a covered patio intended as a garden focal piece, it needs to be located in the center of the garden. The placement of the covered patio should always make sense for its intended purpose.


Now that you know where your covered patio is going to be placed, it’s time to make some design decisions. The covering that goes on top of your patio can be made of many different materials, including shingles, metal, glass, or plastic. Once again, you’ll want to think of purpose when deciding on a covering for your patio. If you intend to keep live plants on the patio, you may opt for a translucent covering to let some light through while still offering weather protection from above. For patios where shade is a priority, traditional shingles or a metal roof will be a better choice.


Most of us think of brick, stone, or tile when we think of patio flooring. These are most often used due to their durability and ability to resist the effects of the weather. Luckily, these materials are now offered in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to design a patio floor that is functional and beautiful.

Screens & Shades

In Florida, we cannot urge you enough to always have a covered patio screened in for maximum enjoyment. Why? Just one summer (or really, any time of year) here in Florida will make you acutely aware of how many insects call our state home. Flying, creeping, or crawling, bugs will do anything they can to get into your patio and enjoy shelter from the elements. Don’t let that happen by adding floor-to-ceiling screens and/or shades to your patio setup. Not only will they keep the bugs out, but they offer sun protection as well. At certain times of the day, the sun may be angled in such a way that it shines in under your patio covering, so you’ll be glad you have a shade to quickly pull down and block out the rays.

Colors & Decor

You may plan to paint your patio’s exterior the same color or give it the same roof as your home. While this does give a nice aesthetic effect, you might want to rethink those colors and materials if they’re dark. Dark colors absorb heat, so during the summer, a darkly painted or covered patio can become ultra hot. Opt for lighter colors to reflect the sun’s rays instead, and you’ll bring the temperature on the patio down a few degrees.

How you decorate the inside of the patio matters too. If you’re using furniture, make sure it’s made of light, breathable fabrics of lighter colors. This will also help regulate the patio’s temperature.

Covered Patio Installations in Tampa Bay

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