Giving Your Screen Room the Enhancements It Deserves

porchA screen room is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, especially in Florida. When the sun is too strong or the bugs are too prevalent to enjoy the full outdoors, a screen room on the back of your home provides a safe oasis to relax, socialize, or read your favorite book. Since the screens absorb some of the sun’s UV rays and block all eager mosquitos from entering, your screen room is the perfect retreat for any season. Given the usefulness of this room, it makes sense to enhance and improve it to make the most of your space. These ideas will get you started.


You don’t need to spend a fortune to install beautiful flooring in your screen room. The right type of flooring will be durable, attractive, and lend your screen room the atmosphere you are trying to create. Some people want a cozy, comfortable screen room environment to curl up with a cup of tea, while others seek a more sophisticated atmosphere that can be used to host dinner guests and parties. Stone, wood, tile, laminate, and poured concrete are all excellent choices as long as they match the rest of the interior’s style.

Eye-Catching Ceilings

Many screen room construction companies report a recent increase in the number of open rafter ceilings that are in demand. For sure, since a screen room does not need to function like the rest of your home, you can get creative with the ceiling. A roof that slants from the top of the taller home down to the exterior screen wall, for example, provides the screen room with shape, depth, and excitement. Other beautiful options include a circular or hexagonal room with a pointed ceiling that boasts large posts crossing the center, or an arched over hood that creates a sophisticated, almost royal atmosphere.

Transform Into a Three Season Room

Florida never gets too chilly, but you may consider enhancing your screen room to make it a three season room. This simply means that you have the ability to replace your screens with sliding glass during the winter. Glass panels retain all of the beauty of your space while allowing you to still feel like you can connect with nature when the weather isn’t cooperating. Whether it’s cold, windy, rainy, or storming, a three season room has no limitations.

Screen room renovations should always be left to the experts like Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc. Serving the entire Tampa area, Southern Aluminum Installations, Inc. can make any screen room enhancements you envision into a reality. Call them today at (813) 264-7477 to obtain a free quote and get started on making the most of your outdoor space.

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