Turning Your Screen Room Into a Cozy Haven

One of the best things about late summer and early fall is the rainy season. 

Imagine sitting on your screened-in porch, snuggled in a blanket deep in the cushions of an old fashioned wicker chair or rocker, the sound of the rain hitting the roof while the cool breeze caresses your cheek and just barely moves your hair. You sip your hot cocoa, tea, or coffee, and take a deep breath of clean southern air.

Could anything be more relaxing? Can you think of a better way to start or end the day?

You can easily have this cozy haven for yourself by having a screen room installed on your porch or as an addition to your home. We can install screen rooms of any size to match the aesthetic of your home. Our screen rooms are sturdy and stand up to extreme weather and high winds.

Once you have a screen room installed, you’ll have the fun of making it your dream getaway. Look for old fashioned furniture if you want a cottage style, or you could get more modern indoor/outdoor furnishings. Think about indoor/outdoor floor coverings and other ways that you can make the space your own.

Then it’s time to go shopping for all of the accessories that will make your space, well, cozy. Blankets or quilts, throw pillows, soft rugs, tables, lamps, and shelves can all make the space something that not just relaxes you, but gives you a place to enjoy hobbies like reading or art. 

Ready for your own screen room? Contact us today to get started.

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