Ways to Keep Your Sunroom Cool in the Summer

Sunroom CoolKeeping your sunroom cool in Florida’s blazing summer heat is a noble endeavor. With heat indexes well over 100°F, it may feel like it’s impossible to get relief from the sun’s rays. Luckily, these tips should help you bring the temperature of your custom-built sunroom down so that you and your family and enjoy it all year long:

Window tint

Window tint is a cheap and easy solution to reduce the ambient temperature in your sunroom. You can install window tint yourself or have a professional tackle the job. We offer window tinting when you use Southern Aluminum Installations to build your sunroom!


Blinds can add style and comfort to your sun room by blocking out the sun rays completely when the blinds are lowered. When you want to enjoy the space, just lift the blinds and let the sun shine in!

Solar shades

Internet users swear by solar shades to keep sun rooms cool and reduce glare on windows. Solar shades can be customized to any size and are available in a variety of colors. Contrary to popular belief, darker solar shades actually enhance visibility!

Plants and trees

Use nature to your advantage by planting shady trees and shrubs near your sunroom as these natural sun shades will keep sunlight out and the temperature in the sunroom down.


Stagnant air isn’t what you want to relax in, so install a ceiling fan, as well as some floor or pedestal fans around your sunroom to keep the air moving.

Portable AC

Portable air conditioning is becoming more popular since the units are now more compact and easy to move around.  When choosing a portable AC, you should figure out your sun room’s square footage so you know it will be large enough to cool the entire space.

Exhaust fans

Everyone thinks about putting cooler air into the sunroom, but what about getting the warm air out instead? Installing exhaust fans, or even just strategically placed air vents, can pull hot, humid air out of your sunroom so that cool and refreshing air can take its place.


Insulation isn’t just for cold weather! By properly insulating your sunroom, especially the ceiling, you’ll notice a big difference in the effort it takes to cool the room off.

When you’re ready to build the custom sunroom of your dreams, call the aluminum construction experts at Southern Aluminum Installations. We can install all of the features you need to keep your Tampa Bay sunroom cool and enjoyable all year long. Call us at (813) 940-8964 or contact us online to schedule your free estimate and finally make that outdoor entertaining dream a reality!

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